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Rogue Wired - Rogue Racing Wire Harnesses


Rogue Wired / Rogue Racing LLC designs and builds premium wire harnesses that can withstand the most challenging environments and specifications. Our company is dedicated to producing the best possible product for each unique application. For over 20 years, our mission has been to design and develop high quality, cost-effective harnesses tailored to your particular needs.

Every harness we make is hand assembled and checked by our quality control department. Whether you have a harness or wiring system designed or need us to design one for you, Rogue Wire can produce the harness you want at a competitive price.


ALL Rogue harnesses are produced at our facility in Huntington Beach, California.

We are partnered with the finest brand name connectors, wire & coverings which are held to the highest standards. Light production and prototyping to full scale OEM provider. Semi Automated to Fully Automated ... you can count on us to deliver and keep you happy. 


*Race logistics and R&D programs are also available.

Premium OEM Custom Wire Harnesses
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