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Rogue Racing Premium Engine Parts


Over 25 years experience specializing in powertrain, electric, reciprocating, and turbine engines.  


We only use the finest brand name connectors, wire & coverings which are all held to the highest standards.


Light production and prototyping to full scale OEM provider. Race logistics and R&D programs.

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Rogue Wired:  Engine Technologies, Performance Automotive Parts
Private Label Specialist: Wholesale Only Aftermarket Engine Parts

Rogue Racing LLC / Rogue Wired is a premium Wholesale Only provider of aftermarket engine parts, that provide peak performance and reliability for your engines. Wholesaling & Private Labeling allows our customers to easily outsource the production of exceptional goods designed to enhance their unique brand(s). Our company is dedicated to producing the best possible products for each unique application.


Rogue's passionate principles allows us to maintain the high-quality control standards that proudly support each product we carry. Browse our online selection of aftermarket engine technology solutions today. You will be impressed with both the assortment and quality.

Rogue Racing - Rogue Wired:  Engine Technologies, Private Label, Wholesale Performance Automotive Parts


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Rogue Racing specializes in Premium Automotive Parts for Engine Builders, Car Builders, Race Teams, Tuners / Garages, Re-Distribution Companies and Marine Applications. We provide the wholesale tier pricing you're looking for. Contact us today! Premium performance parts & high price tags don't have to go hand-in-hand. For over 25 years, our mission has been to design and develop high quality, cost-effective parts tailored to your particular needs. Thanks for going Rogue!

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