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Marine Distributors: Rogue Racing Engine Technologies, Private Label, Wholesale Performance Automotive Parts
Rogue Racing Premium Engine Parts


Inboard & Sterndrive Distributors & Engine Parts

  • DELCO EST Distributors: High performance drop-in replacement distributors for EFI equipped GM based engines with Delco EST ignition.

  • MPI Distributors: Look no further for the perfect replacement for the factory “plastic” distributors in your GM based MPI engines.

  • Delco EST & MPI Coils: GM based engines with Delco EST ignition system and MPI. These coils are designed to work with the factory control systems.

  • GM based 7.4L MD & 8.2L MCM & MIE coils: These coils offer up to 11% higher voltage and 19% more energy than the OEM coils. Perfect for stock or modified engines.

  • OMC/Volvo Penta Cobra EFI Coil: This coil is for Ford based 5.0L and 5.8L EFI engines. Resistance

  • Mercury Thunderbolt IV & V Coil: This coil is an exact replacement for the Mercury Thunderbolt IV & V ignition systems with the correct resistance and inductance to ensure reliable long lasting performance.

  • RTRTM Distributor: These RTRTM distributors have a built-in module for easy installation with a simple three wire hook up - no need to run an external ignition control box.

  • Shift Interrupt Adapter: Designed to allow for the compatibility of the RTR distributors in older applications with the factory shift interrupt switch.

  • Race Distributors: These are the most popular distributors for marine race engines. The compact bowl design with screw down cap fits into locations where a larger or bulkier distributor will not.

  • OMC/Volvo Penta Cobra EFI Distributors: The perfect replacements for the late model OMC Cobra / Volvo Penta distributors used in Ford based 5.0L / 5.8L EFI engines.

  • Digital Inductive Storage Ignition Control Box with Single stage Rev Limiter: Clean sheet design high-performance digital microprocessor-controlled circuitry. Features a high output, long duration spark, easy to set single stage rev limiter, automatic start timing retard and a dedicated tachometer output signal.

  • Performance Electronic Oil Filled Can Coil: High performance coil for engines that have been converted to an electronic breakerless distributor, where a traditional oil filled can style coil is preferred.

  • High Output Coil: This coil is designed to work specifically with the high output electronic module in the RTR distributors as well as the Digital Inductive Storage ignition control box.

  • Electronic Spark Timing (EST): For Inboards & Sterndrive with Chevrolet V8 based engines This marine specific ignition kit is designed to replace older points style distributors as well as early electronic style type system such as Mallory Uni-Lite and MBI distributor and even the Mercury Thunderbolt system in Chevrolet based V8 engines all without the need for an expensive eternal electronic control box.

  • DELCO EST Distributors

  • MPI Distributors

  • Delco EST & MPI Coils

  • GM 7.4 MD & 8.2L MCM & MIE Coils

  • OMC/Volvo Penta Cobra EFI Coil

  • Mercury Thunderbolt Coil

  • RTR Distributors

  • Shift Interrupter Adapter

  • Race Distributors

  • Ignition Control Box

  • Electronic Oil Filled Can Coil

  • High Output Coil

Marine Performance Private Label Automotive Parts

Rogue's passionate principles allows us to maintain the high-quality control standards that proudly support each product we carry. Browse our online selection of aftermarket engine technology solutions today. You will be impressed with both the assortment and quality.

Rogue Racing USA - Wholesale Automotive & Marine Engine Parts



Rogue Racing LLC / Rogue Wired: Private Label Specialist is a premium Wholesale Only provider of aftermarket engine parts, that provide peak performance and reliability for your needs. Wholesaling & Private Labeling allows our customers to easily outsource the production of exceptional goods designed to enhance their unique brand(s). Our company is dedicated to producing the best possible products for each unique application.


Rogue Racing Catalog: Private Label Whosale Performance Engine Parts
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