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Fuel Pumps: Rogue Racing Engine Technologies, Private Label, Wholesale Performance Automotive Parts
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FUEL PUMPS (Carburetors/EFI)

External Electric Fuel Pumps for Carburetors
These are the most popular street/strip external electric fuel pumps for a carbureted application. They feature a re-engineered rotary vein lower housing design for improved fuel flow capacity, longer term durability, lower amperage draw and much quieter operation. The pump housings are rebuildable and feature an externally accessible pressure relief valve. The pumps have single inlet and outlet ports with 3/8” NPT female treads. The pumps come complete with a color matched mounting bracket as well as a hardware kit and vibration dampening pads.

Micro Electric Fuel Pumps
These pumps are great for standalone lower horse power applications or for use as a booster pump or fuel transfer pump. Gravity feed, self-priming and regulated design reduces the change of vapor lock and flooding. Inlet and outlet are 5/16” hose barbs. Compact size and simple two wire hookup with negative ground makes installation quick and easy. Pump is rated at 4.5 to 7.0 PSI, if used with a lower pressure style carburetor, then an appropriate fuel pressure regulator must be used. Comes complete with pre-filter and hardware.

Universal Electric In-Line Fuel Pumps for EFI
The AF25 is most popular in-line (out of fuel tank) fuel pump for multi port fuel injected engines. The AF25 is an ideal universal replacement pump or a perfect pump to use when swapping an EFI engine into an older vehicle. The AF25 can also be used as a booster pump in a nitrous oxide application. The AF25 uses a roller vane pump design which is more resistant to clogging and jamming from debris sucked out of the tank than a turbine vain or gerotor design pump. The AF25 features 5/16” bared hose inlet and outlet for simple installation. It also has brass stud terminals for a quick and reliable electrical connection. The AF25 comes complete with two cushioned mounting clamps.

Universal Electric In-Line Fuel Pumps for both Carburetors and EFI
The AF101 is a high flow rate in-line (out of fuel tank) fuel pump for use with either carbureted or fuel injected engines. Compact in-line design is great for restricted space applications. High flow roller vane design is perfect for both low and high pressure applications. The AF101 features -8AN female inlet and -6AN female outlet threads for O-ring fittings and brass stud terminals are used for quick and reliable electrical connection. The AF101 comes complete with two T-bar mounting clamps.

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Fuel Pumps - Performance Private Label Automotive Parts

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