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Digital Inductive Storage Ignition Control Box with Single stage Rev Limiter


Clean sheet design high-performance digital microprocessor-controlled circuitry. Features a high output, long duration spark, easy to set single stage rev limiter, automatic start timing retard and a dedicated tachometer output signal. The powder coated cast aluminum housing features heat dissipating fins and a 2-hole hold down pattern. All wiring exits the control box though a sealed grommet on one side for clean and easy installation with sealed harness connectors. The unit is completed potted and carries the SAE J1171 approval.

 The Digital Inductive Storage Ignition Control Box has a 7.5 Amp rated dwell control circuit for maximum energy output. It delivers 400 volts and 125mJ of spark energy to the coil. Single stage rev limiter is set by tapping the tachometer lead to ground at one half the desired engine speed. The tachometer lead produces a 25% duty cycle square wave signal that can be used with multi-function tachometers and most popular aftermarket EFI systems. The fully automatic start retard provides 10 degrees of timing retard during cranking. The timing retard is fully dialed out by 250 RPM. Provides for easier and quicker hot restarts and lowers the load on the starter / electrical system. 

The Digital Inductive Ignition Control Box comes complete with wiring harness, hardware and mounting kits. It is compatible with even fire 4-stroke magnetic breakerless distributor equipped engines with a 12-volt negative ground electrical system. The control box will only accept magnetic trigger input trigger signals. It will NOT work with a points triggered distributor, NOR will it work with Hall Effect pickup distributor. It is recommended that the PN 4201 coil be used for maximum performance and durability. SAE J1171 certified and labeled for Marine use.
Digital inductive Ignition Control Box with Rev Limiter – PN 59385-1

Inductive Storage Control Box - Performance Private Label Automotive Parts

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